• Wireframe: Sketch, pencil and paper
  • Design: Sketch, Figma, Photoshop
  • Prototype: HTML/CSS, InVision, Figma, Framer
  • User research:, user interviews


Product Designer

November, 2016 - February, 2019

Product designer for Keepsafe Photovault and VPN. Worked on common user issues in Photovault with a focus on user experience. Collaborated with an engineering team in Berlin on VPN.

Created designs using Sketch. Used Zeplin to handoff assets to engineers. Did design work for both iOS and Android. Referenced material design guidelines for Photovault on Android.

Worked regularly with engineers and product managers on features. Contributed on small teams focused on product discovery. Took part in qualitative user research. Participated in cross-functional feature brainstorms. Collaborated with others in a one week design sprint.

“Jen is a highly skilled designer with attention to detail. Jen and I worked together on different products at Keepsafe where she was hired as a product designer. I was always impressed with Jen's breadth of skills in the design space. From sketching/prototyping, user flows, visual design and user research. She can fluently move in between the different design disciplines to get the job done. Jen is a strong addition to any digital product design team!”

Philipp Berner - CTO, Keepsafe



June 2015 - current

Short to long-term contracts usually involving web-based or app-based products. Clients are individuals, corporations and talent agencies. My work adheres graphic design principles, user experience fundamentals and are platform appropriate. My handoffs vary between wireframes, HTML/CSS, prototypes, concepts and polished mocks.

Simple Focus

Product Designer

November, 2015 - August, 2016

“She was a joy to work with. She is motivated and passionate about the user experience industry.”

J.D. Graffam - Owner of Simple Focus

Work in a small agency environment on in-house products and projects for clients. I create designs that meet user goals, business goals and a high bar for quality. Contribute to a team of creatives both local and remote. My handoffs vary between wireframes, HTML/CSS, prototypes, concepts and polished mocks.

Work under the Creative Director to meet a high conceptual, strategic and aesthetic standard. Responsible for long-term thinking, understanding of goals and commitment to research for every project.


UX Designer

April, 2013 - June, 2015

“In the two years that I managed and mentored her, she grew into a tremendous UX and product designer, having picked up key UX and prototyping skills along the way.”

Tam Su - Sr. Director, Product and UX

Work in a fast-paced and lean environment where I create designs that distill highly-complex ideas into clear and thoughtful UX flows. Contribute to a multi-faceted and highly-skilled team where my input often varies between design mocks, interactive prototypes and open discussion. Maintain a balance of understanding between clear consistent visual language, pace of development and answering user needs.

Work with the Senior Director of Product and UX to incorporate visual design standards and update consistent branding across a developing identity system. Update and optimize existing feature interfaces to meet analytical requirements. Perform frequent usability tests, such as click tests, to gather analysis for design. Work with Photoshop to create accurate and intuitive mocks of interactions.

Create interactive prototypes using the responsive framework Foundation, HTML5, CSS3 and SASS. Participate in the issue tracking system Lighthouse. Use Github to help maintain consistent and up-to-date code. Work with senior software engineers to clearly communicate design ideas and iterate quickly in a manner feasible to the development environment.