Photo Vault

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a mobile app for locking one's private photos securely behind a PIN. I worked on both iOS and Android alongside engineers, a product manager and design manager.

  • Skills: UX, UI, Mobile Design, User Research
  • Tools: Sketch, Zeplin, Framer
**Project Goals**

Modify import functionality such that there is a significant increase in number of items imported.

Selection interaction

Design changes resulted in an 18% increase of the total number of items imprted. Grouping makes it easier to import multiple photos at once. It also reduces cognitive load.

**Previous verision**
previous import menu
This is a video of a prototype made with Figma.
**Project Goals**
Conversion recovery

About 6% of users were not making it past the PIN screen during the login flow.


A PIN code interaction which hints the minimum number of pins required. After the fix conversion nearly completely recovered on that screen.

**Previous verision**
previous pin code screen
This is a video of a prototype made with Framer.
**Project Goals**
User friendly

Try to reduce complaints and negative reviews due to lost and missing photos.

Backup & sync

Make cloud service more user friendly via using direct and common language such as "backup & sync" rather than "private cloud". Give important stateful information about the state of one's backups.

backup and sync changes
Left: import & sync progress bar, Middle: revamped backup and sync settings (previously "Private Cloud" settings), Right: storage focused paywall