Time Tracking App

Ballpark is a time tracking app. In my role I worked on several features and reported to the Creative Director.

The designs I'm describing below are currently in beta. Go to the original app here and get updates on the new Ballpark here.
  • Skills: UX, UI, Web Design
  • Tools: Sketch
**Project Goals**

The new timers should incorporate duplication and be able to record time without assignment.

Timer States

Timers needed to be much more flexible in both form and function. I created a style guide for our developer to document each state.

timers basic states

Inline Creation

After beta went live we all had a chance to start recording time. I pushed flexibility of the timers further by designing a solution for inline creation.

Create a project inline
inline project creation 1
inline project creation 1
project dashboard
inline project creation 1
Create a client inline
inline client creation 1
inline client creation 2
inline client creation 3
inline client creation 4

More Ways to Track Time

I worked on the mobile timers. I also played with the idea of incorporating a timer as part of the main navigation.‚Äč

mobile timer report
mobile new timer
menu timer
**Project Goals**
Project Cards

Cards were a new method of organization to introduce to the app. They needed to show key values of each project.

Form & Layout

Cards needed to be sortable, stackable and mobile friendly. They also needed to provide a bird's eye view of the status of the project.

project cards sketch 1
project cards sketch 2
project cards sketch 3

Project Visuals

The cards needed a unique visual element that would fit within the new aesthetic of the redesign. It had to be flexible as it would be used in a variety of ways. For example: a full-width background and a small circular project indicator.

project card viz 1
project card viz 2
project card viz 3
project card viz 4
Project dashboard with project cards
project card dashboard

Fine Tuning Reports

For the reporting section of the app I worked on some improvements to filtering. Such as; selecting time ranges and tidying up some of our sorting options.

report details